Photo of Victoria Jeffrey

About Vicki Jeffrey

A devotee to all things natural Vicki appeared initially at odds with an industry which actively promoted the use of synthetic ingredients.

Vicki immersed herself into the research and application of products which would compliment her range of bespoke treatments.

Naturally and effectively clients achieved the desired sense of wellbeing.

Vicki’s signature treatment is the non-surgical facelift; a facial which uses a gentle galvanic current (no Botox or fillers) providing an instant 'lift' effect.

Vicki is highly qualified in many forms of therapy and is dedicated to a continued programme of professional development.

Balancing the latest industry techniques with the more traditional practices, Vicki has developed unique, natural therapy methods.

Vicki has quietly established a loyal client base and a reputation within Scotland as a natural health and wellbeing expert.

"My aim is to help clients pursue their optimal health – helping them learn how to feel their best everyday, naturally"

Today Vicki, a mother-of-two, practices in select venues in the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh.