Introducing Yoga 1:1's on Wednesday's and Thursday's in Stockbridge

Taster session £20 thereafter sessions are from £35

This very subtle practice follows primarily the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli.

Principally Vicki explores the body by deepening release and relaxation by undoing the held tension within the body.

Once the 'postures' stop being something to achieve then you can work on removing conflict within yourself…making the postures from the inside out and not the outside in!

A 1:1 with Vicki provides you with hands on direct guidance and support to help you let go of years of held tensions and habits, allowing the release we grow taller, become more centred and stronger.

"…Yoga should not be about training for body control, on the contrary it must bring freedom to the body – all the freedom it needs" Vanda Scaravelli