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Bliss (n), complete happiness, Spiritual joy...

At Blissbody, based in Stockbridge Edinburgh, you can find serenity, replenish natural resilience, explore your potential and, of course, bask in being pampered.

Restore your spirit and relax your body.

Blissbody is focused on pursuing optimal health - helping you learn how to feel your best every day.

Blissbody Massages

Massage feels incredibly good, which is one reason it’s so good for you – when the body lets go, it heals. When the body is comfortable, mind and spirit settle. Experience the power of informed, caring touch.

Blissbody Facials

You’ll love the way Blissbody’s luxurious facials make you look and feel. Whether you choose a classic or an advanced treatment your therapist will tailor it to suit your skin needs.

Look and feel your 'Winter Best' with this amazing 90 minute special offer!

Ease the tension and feel the heat with a 30 minute Hot Stones back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a wonderful 60 minute 'Just be Radiant' essential winter facial.